People at risk of dementia should receive medication before the onset of any cognitive symptoms. Our technology makes this possible.

The brain changes underlying Alzheimer’s disease develop over a period of at least 20-30 years prior to the onset of symptoms. The diagnosis is often not made at all, or made very late in the process by which time cognitive impairment, disability and behavioral symptoms are usually all quite advanced.

Diamentech's aim is to advance the time at which the diagnosis is made to the earliest stage possible. Treatments could then target the disease in its earliest stages, before irreversible brain damage or mental decline has occurred.

Diamentech's solution is entirely software based and not expert driven. Unlike current methods, it has the potential to be scalable and widely accessible.

Our test takes up-to 15 minutes, which is 3-10 times shorter than any cognitive diagnostics available. Instead of looking for signs in only particular parts of the brain, it probes the activity of millions of networked neurons that is needed for detecting the first disruptions to brain circuitry. Probing the activity of millions of networked neurons gives the biggest clues to detecting dementia (Kosik, Nature 2013). Our image-cognition reaction-time based approach is more sensitive to less severe brain deterioration than memory-based tests.